WhatsApp ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature time limit extended to 4,096 seconds


WhatsApp’s much talked about “Delete for everyone” now comes with a new time limit. The Facebook-owned messaging platform has extended the time limit to delete messages for everyone from 420 seconds (or seven minutes) to 4,096 seconds (or 68 minutes and 16 seconds). The change log says that you now have over an hour to delete the message sent to a friend or in a group.

The extension in the time limit to delete messages was spotted being tested early this month. The feature was spotted on the beta build of Android with version number 2.18.69. While the feature was expected to makes it way to Apple’s iOS depending on how well it is received by Android users, WhatsApp watcher WABetaInfo says the latest version of the app extends the time limit to all users.

WhatsApp had launched the “delete for everyone” feature in October, and it allows its users to delete the messages sent by mistake. The feature works similar to that of Gmail’s ‘Undo Send’ option, but WhatsApp users get more time to delete their message. While the feature is dubbed as ‘Delete for Everyone’ it also gives an option to delete message just for the sender.

WhatsApp has also been spotted tweaking the algorithm powering the new ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature with newest beta builds on Android. The update safeguards users from deleting more than three years old messages via forked/modded version of the app. The new feature dubbed ‘Block revoke request’ works by sending a message to the recipient whenever the sender tries to delete a message for everyone.

The message sends by the algorithm has the same ID as the one the user wants to delete, and WhatsApp matches the ID in its database for date related information. If the message has a current date less than 24 hours from the data of the saved message then only the operation is permitted. The update will ensure that nobody can fool around the system via modded versions of the application. The new updates also bring improvements to the sticker feature, and option to personalize the icon on Android.

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